Our story

While we have been all called lazy at some point in our lives, the quality of ‘laziness’ is often associated with the female: the one traditionally seen as the ‘homemaker’ occupied with reproductive, invisible tasks, who is not ‘out there’ changing the world, but making room for men to pursue public, traditionally perceived as ‘productive’ activities. Although the public-private, productive-reproductive dichotomies have been challenged by feminism, their legacy remains.

Here at Lazy Women, we want to challenge the negative connotation of laziness and reclaim it by providing a platform that can be used to make “public” the many creative and literary endeavours women around the world pursue in the “private sphere”, and therein often considered inherently less valuable than monetized or public work. 

COVID-19 has created an environment where many of us are forced to stay at home, and the way we understand and make use of the ‘domestic’ sphere is being constantly reevaluated. For many, this time offers us a chance to, if not embrace, then reflect on what it means to be lazy, as drawing the lines between leisure (associated with our homes) and work (the office that is now…also in our home) becomes increasingly complicated. This disruption to the public-private dichotomy inspired us to launch Lazy Women. 

What we do

Our mission is to:

  • provide a platform for everyone who identifies with a female perspective / the female experience to publish their artistic projects, whatever the ‘female’ or ‘womanhood’ means to you
  • bring together talented voices from all over the world
  • nudge everyone out of boredom through tutorials, recommendations, workshops
  • start an intergenerational dialogue around the concept of ‘laziness’

Our team

Lazy Women is a growing team of writers and creatives, from a wide range of nationalities, disciplinary backgrounds and lived experiences, who have gathered to give voice to their own understandings of the female experience and its relation to the public/private dichotomy. 

Our team currently consists of more than 30 talented and inspiring women who have been doing some outstanding work, from talking about deeply personal experiences of a buzzcut or living with OCD, to companies monetising lockdown guilt on social media, as well as creating amazing illustrations.


Get in Touch:

We are always keen to work with passionate individuals and like-minded organisations. Take a look around, and please do get in touch with us if you want to collaborate with us or become part of our growing team of Lazy Women! 

Interested in submitting content?
Please submit your content to lazywomenblog@gmail.com with “Blog Contribution” as your subject line, a short description of the work you are submitting, and the work attached as a google file. Feel free to pitch ideas for work that is not yet complete or ready for submission.

We seek to publish visual art, articles, short fiction, poetry, craft and cooking tutorials, and personal essays and are always open to new ideas and forms of content. While we are unable to publish every submission we receive, we aim to respond to submissions with a decision about publication within a week’s time. 

Interested in becoming a member of our team?
Please reach out to lazywomenblog@gmail.com with your areas of interest, possible sample work and contribution ideas. 

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